Pedalling Innovation – Oxford’s first cycling hackathon

By: Agile Ox

5th February 2016 @ 5:00 pm6th February 2016 @ 6:00 pm

woman holding bicycle

Following on from the success of June’s ‘Can you see the future of cycling in Oxford’ event, Oxford’s Environmental Sustainability Team and agile-ox are coming together again to bring you a full cycle hackathon, in association with Smart Oxford and the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op.

Cycling in this city could be a better experience for all. We want to be part of a process of improving it – but to make it better, we first need to understand the current experience and challenges more fully. And for that we need information and ‘data’.

Since our last event, it has become clear that there is a data knowledge gap around cycling in the county, and this is holding us back from taking effective action to improve the experience.

For example, have you ever had trouble finding a safe place to park your bike? Bike storage can seem like a challenge in the city, and it is something which we could take practical action to improve. However the fact is we don’t actually currently understand how much of a challenge it is. We simply lack the data to truly understand the depth of the problem (if it is in fact a real problem at all).

To enable us as a county to take constructive and targeted action to make cycling in Oxford great, we want YOU to help us answer the following questions:

How do we capture data about cycling in Oxfordshire?

What do we want/need to know about cycling in Oxford?

And how could we capture the information we need?


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