Oxford’s Science Transit plans

Oxford Science Transit plan aims to transform public transport along the county’s ‘knowledge spine’.

The Science Transit will be a fully integrated public transport system that connects the area’s centres of innovation and economic growth with the two universities.

It will mean that people using Oxford Science Transit will be able to hop on, and off, high-frequency bus and rail services using ‘smart’ tickets (akin to Oyster cards), planning their journeys using real-time information and updates.

Our vision is for an integrated public transport system that is:

  • Developed and promoted as one system using a common branding that will be recognised internationally as world class in urban/inter-urban transport systems

  • Accessed by a single transaction, irrespective of the number of stages to your journey, with cashless payment enabled through the use of the latest smart transaction technology

  • Supported by integrated information systems that provide the traveller with informed choices and allow the operators to manage the transport system as a whole in real-time.