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Exploring issues of privacy and digital personhood in public spaces

Research teams at the University of Oxford and other centres will explore issues of privacy and the challenges of being able to appear in public in proxy form, in particular the challenge of having robot proxies in public places.

This will involve the capacity to track micro-contacts between multiple individuals in real time, and at the same time to capture and process information about the emotional and nonverbal communicative qualities of behaviours across time.

Preserving and Measuring Privacy

The Oxford Internet Institute will focus on techniques that allow humans to interact with robots and each other whilst balancing the desire for privacy against the need to share information in modern connected environments. In particular they will seek to embed privacy in the design of robots. While robots can record and transmit what they see and hear, the research is trying to find ways to prevent robots from unnecessarily revealing the identities of those they have recorded.

Localization System

The Sensor Network Group in the University of Oxford's Department of Computer Science will investigate the feasibility and accuracy of a positioning system. This system will enable the tracking of humans and robots in any space, indoor or outdoor. In order to address this challenge, the team will investigate the use of a novel indoor localization technology based on low-frequency magnetic fields.

You can read more about the project here

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