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    Smart Oxford : Playable City Commission

We invited innovators, technologists and creative people from around the world to submit a distinctive idea to help make Oxford more liveable, open and collaborative city.

Making use of the city's existing infrastructure and smart city technologies, the winning entry Star Light, Star Bright will put people and play at the heart of the city and catch the imagination of those who live, study, visit and work in and around Oxford.

Supported by

Lucy Group
Oxford Bus Company
Oxford Brookes University
University of Oxford
Science Oxford
Oxford City Council
Oxfordshire County Council

The winner will be awarded:

  • Commission of £30,000
    to cover fees, development, delivery, testing and production costs of their idea

  • Additional support
    for travel for international winners and local expertise

  • Access to advisors
    to help develop and test your idea, including advice on location scouting, technical infrastructure, interaction design, testing, and public space implementation

  • PR campaign
    including tailored media support to maximise impact

  • Access to facilities and connection to a vibrant community
    of artists and creative technologists in Oxford and through the Playable City Network.

What do we expect from the winner?

  • The delivery of a public project in Oxford – target date, Autumn - Winter 2017

  • Delivery of technical specs, budget, project plan and communication assets to inform and support development of the project

  • A generous and open attitude

  • Participation in events and discussions with public, peers and partners

  • Participation in media and communication around the award

How we assessed the ideas

  • Fit of project to the theme of Shared City

  • Use of smart city technologies

  • Quality and originality of concept

  • Audience and accessibility - how engaging is the work?

  • Track record - a demonstrated history of high quality, innovative creative practice to professional standards

  • Skills, ability and experience of the proposed team or creative and their ability to deliver the idea

  • Feasibility of project delivery within agreed budget and timeline

  • Impact on a city challenge or experience and potential legacy

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