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Cognitive Robotics Group

The Cognitive Robotics Research group at Oxford Brookes University undertakes research into human-robot interaction, autonomous vehicles and bio-inspired robotics.

A primary focus of this research is enabling more natural interactions between humans and robots. This theme centres largely around the changing needs of society as we become more reliant on robots and need more intuitive ways of interacting with them.

Current projects include:

  • Accurate robotic replication of human head gestures
    Creating a robot that closely represents a human both in form and behaviour and that is capable of engaging in convincing communicative interactions with humans.

  • Bootstrapping Biomimetic Control
    Providing a new class of novel and highly efficient biomimetic learning and exploration schemes to realize control on platforms that elude detailed modelling and simulation.

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
    Combining several areas of research including wheel torque control, computer vision and gesture recognition to develop an autonomous vehicle that can think and react to visual and audio commands as well as what's happening in its surroundings.

  • Multi Sensor Fusion for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on Autonomous Vehicles Exploiting the availability of multiple heterogeneous sensors to accurately localize an autonomous vehicle and estimate the (evolving) configuration of the surrounding dynamic environment.

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