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Oxford - where anyone can bring an idea to life

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The fastest growing city in the UK, home to the the most prolific University innovator in Europe and top of the World University Rankings for two years running, Oxford and its surrounding area are a vibrant centre of innovation.

Our city hosts to over 5,000 businesses and 130,000 jobs, as well as two world class universities which, with leading research organisations in Oxfordshire, and training over 45,000 students a year.

One of the UK’s leading hotspots for Social Enterprise, with a diverse ecosystem of startups, innovation programmes, and research, Oxford and its environs represent a unique test-bed for city innovation that can be shared with the broader world.

As well as providing a range of innovation and learning spaces, as the Shared City, we strive to connect people, spaces, information and ideas.

  What's happening in Oxford?

These pages details some of the things we've initiated recently to address our societal challenges and encourage local innovation by:

  • Experimenting with new concepts, processes, tools, and models
  • Engaging citizens in the innovation process
  • Expanding the city as a role model for others
  • Empowering the local ecosystem through innovation
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  A people-centred approach

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As the Shared City, we strive to seek input and proposals from the broader community on how to develop and scale up activity related to our innovation themes, including:

  • supporting our innovators by growing our rich mosaic of innovation spaces and networks;
  • extending access to social enterprise, social innovation and the local community;
  • inspiring and attracting a new generation of science and technology talent and businesses;
  • mainstreaming ultra-low carbon technology;
  • pioneering smart city and healthcare solutions by embedding innovations in the ecosystem.

As we continue to expand and evolve our Innovation Strategy to engage and energise even more people, we're opening our institutions to everyone who wants to learn, alongside us, to create connected and accessible cities of innovation right across Europe.

We are the Shared City, where anyone can bring an idea to life.

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