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MobOx - Mobility Oxford

The benefits of creating better integrated and connected cities are clear: increased economic growth; improvements in the quality of life for residents and businesses; better visitor experience; and a reduced impact on the environment.

Mobility Oxford (MobOx) is now embarking on the second phase of an ambitious project to improve the experience of transportation in and around the City by creating open systems, processes and technologies that will benefit residents, businesses and visitors alike.

Building on the outcomes from an earlier feasibility study funded by Innovate UK, MobOx will develop solutions that integrate both technological and social solutions, based on the premise that Integrated transportation is a complex system of interactions between people and technology and success is not just about the technology in isolation.

MobOx will create a Living Laboratory in Oxford to assess, validate and prove the business cases of a variety of transport solutions. This will foster ideas such as lean startups, quick hit analysis, the rapid deployment of interventions along with monitoring and assessment of outcomes. The objective is to create an ecosystem and proving ground that will allow all mobility stakeholders to experiment with and prove out new technology concepts, business models and identify future opportunities for the development of a truly integrated transport system all within a controlled environment.

The project will provide the ideal ecosystem in which to develop and test new technologies alongside existing transport systems and offer increased business opportunities. The end goal is to foster the concept of 'Mobility as a Service' in Oxford, and to create technology and systems that can be demonstrated commercially with a view to wider exploitation in other cities across the UK initially and then overseas.

The Living Laboratory allows the technological innovations to be integrated into existing transport solutions, as demonstrated in the figure below. It also accepts the view that there are complex interactions between people and technology that will lead to a much richer solution set.

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