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October 2017: We've been named as one of Britain’s smartest cities

Oxford is one of Britain’s top 'smart cities', according to the second UK Smart Cities Index, commissioned by Huawei UK and conducted by Navigant Consulting. The report is based on evaluations of 20 cities and their strategies, key projects and overall readiness in using digital technology to improve crucial civic services from transport infrastructure to healthcare. Read More »

September 2017: Our fleet of autonomous vehicles is taking to the streets of Oxford

The DRIVEN consortium has unveiled the first three of its proposed fleet of six self-driving vehicles, to be deployed in trials running between the city and London. In a world's first, the trial vehicles will be able to perform all safety-critical driving functions and monitor roadway conditions for an entire trip, with zero-passenger occupancy. Read More »

August 2017: We're rolling out an EV charging trial of 'global scientific significance'

In a trial that's thought to be the first of its size in the world, our City and County Councils have begun a programme to install about 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Oxford’s residential streets to help people go electric. The trial has been described by the University of Oxford as having "global scientific significance". Read More »

August 2017: We've chosen a winner for our Playable City competition

We've announced Guerilla Dance Project's 'Star Light, Star Bright' as the winner of our Shared City competition. We invited innovative ideas that put people and play at the heart of the City of Oxford which respond to the theme of Shared City. Star Light, Star Bright maps the night sky onto the streets of Oxford via via pressure sensitive lights embedded in the ground. Read More »

July 2017: We're starting a £3.2m project to boost innovation in low carbon

Oxford’s Low Carbon Hub has led a winning bid for £1.6m of European Regional Development funding that will be used to foster low carbon economic development in the county over the next three years. This funding will be matched with another £1.6m, the majority of which will come from six partners, which were also involved in the bid. Read More »

July 2017: We're hosting the Digital Transport Exchange Conference

Hosted by Smart Oxford in conjunction with the MoBox Foundation and Oxfordshire County Council, Digital Transport Exchange is designed to share knowledge and build networks by bringing the data and digital infrastructure ecosystem together for the first time to explore ways of delivering the benefits of transport and city data infrastructures for ... Read More »

June 2017: We're trialling technology for self-driving deliveries

delivery truck

CargoPod, an autonomous vehicle developed by our University spinout Oxbotica has just completed trials as part of the TRL-led GATEway project together with Ocado. This was the UK’s first trials of an autonomous delivery vehicle. These real-world trials saw the self-driving delivery van operating in a residential environment for 'last mile' deliveries.   >> Read more

June 2017: We're making the city better using Google's mobility data

map of Oxford

We're working with Google's mobility data - the information collected Android smartphones that shows up as congestion on its maps - to find innovative ways to address transport issues for Oxford. The Oxford Internet Institute's TRANSNET project will use data science to forecast and understand transport network resilience and anomalies in the city.   >> Read more

June 2017: We're bidding to be European Capital of Innovation


Commended for 'its vision to openly share the wealth of knowledge within its world-class innovation ecosystem', Oxford was a finalist in last year's competition for iCapital - the European Capital of Innovation Award. Much has happened in the interim, and this year the city is competing for the title once again, based on our status as the most innovative ecosystem in the UK.   >> Read more

May 2017: We're running a world-wide Smart City competition


We've just announced our worldwide competition to implement in Oxford a distinctive idea to help make the more liveable, open and collaborative, making use of the city's existing infrastructure and smart city technologies, the winner will be given a commission of up to £30,000 to turn their idea into reality. Closing date: 20 June.   >> Read more

May 2017: We're developing as a Smart Heritage City

As part of an initiative for Oxford to become a Smart Heritage City, our museums are working with the University of Oxford's e-Research Centre to explore the use of Linked Data as a way of de-siloing heritage information. This pilot project follows on from the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to twin the cities of Udaipur and Oxford as Smart Heritage Cities. Read More »

April 2017: We're taking driverless to the next level

driverless car

In a world's first, Oxford partners will deploy a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles in urban areas and on motorways capable of performing all safety-critical driving functions with zero-passenger occupancy. Running from Oxford to London, no connected and autonomous vehicle trial at this level of complexity and integration has ever been attempted before. Read More »

April 2017: We're Mapping the city

mapped street

Cutting-edge pulsed laser (LIDAR) based technology from Oxford's Robotics Institute means that Oxford is uniquely positioned to identify and accurately locate city issues, at low cost, that would previously have needed manual inspection or public feedback. We're looking to identify things such as potholes, fly tipping, broken street furniture, and badly insulated buildings. Watch our video here»

April 2017: We're developing high-tech parking solutions


We're developing a scheme for up to the minute information showing the occupancy of Blue Badge spaces, car parks and some city centre pay and display spaces, as well as new electric vehicle charge points. Data will be sourced from parking sensors and multi-bay monitoring cameras for real-time visibility of parking availability.   Read More »

April 2017: We're welcoming StreetDrone - democratising driverless tech development


An Oxford-based consortium is developing StreetDrone ONE in partnership with Renault. The first affordable autonomous-ready electric car designed to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicle technology, StreetDrone will make it easier and cheaper for smaller institutions to get involved in the design of autonomous vehicle systems. Deliveries will start in August this year. Read More »

April 2017: We're developing a UK testbed for driverless vehicles

As a private, fenced-off centre with about 10km of public-standard roads, the Culham Science Centre, just south of Oxford, is proving an ideal testbed for UK driverless vehicle testing. Our Oxfordshire-based consortium now has government funding for an official study on the site's feasibiity as a test-centre, as well as public perceptions towards driverless vehicles. Read More »

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