Average house prices in Oxford ‘become least affordable in Britain’

By: University of Oxford News Office Average house prices in the South East, and especially London, rose even faster during 2014 (January to December) than in the same period of 2013, says new research. Once the average income is also taken into account, house prices in Oxford during 2014 even out-paced London. The findings by … Continue reading “Average house prices in Oxford ‘become least affordable in Britain’”

Big Data in Big Cities – the GOTO Hackathon 2015

The GOTO Hackathon 2015 is an event for all University of Oxford students and alumni, focussing on Big Data – specifically how Big Data can be utilised to resolve the issues large cities around the globe face in the 21st Century. The event launches on Friday 27th Feb, with an evening presentation where attendees will … Continue reading “Big Data in Big Cities – the GOTO Hackathon 2015”

The Urban Design Group

Oxford Brookes University’s Urban Design Group is one of the largest UK providers of research expertise in urban design and conservation matters. Its research activity is of national and international standing. Its clients include, amongst others, UK government / agencies, local government, the commercial sector, community and voluntary sectors and a number of international agencies, … Continue reading “The Urban Design Group”

Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit

Seeking to advance innovative approaches to the study of transport futures The Transport Studies Unit (TSU) takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of transport futures, drawing on relevant, state-of-the art developments in geography, environmental and transport studies, economics, sociology, psychology and the engineering sciences. The TSU is a research centre based at the School … Continue reading “Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit”