SmartOx Challenge – Cognicity on Steroids!

By: Chris Cooper, KnowNow Information KnowNow was at the SmartOx Challenge (one of 13 companies out of 43 that applied to be there), held at the very lovely Jam Factory in the centre of Oxford on 18th September.   The day was sponsored by Nominet R&D, with the support of experts covering everything from product design, … Continue reading “SmartOx Challenge – Cognicity on Steroids!”

Oxford: ‘we have the UK’s only licenced driverless car – there’s only one’

By: Paul Myles, TU Automotive Connectivity is being heralded as the only way forward for the autonomous vehicle, yet Paul Myles found out that a group of Oxford scientists are proving their car can navigate without the Internet’s help It’s probably of little surprise that the scientists behind the Mars Rover approached designing an autonomous … Continue reading “Oxford: ‘we have the UK’s only licenced driverless car – there’s only one’”

How does the Flood Network operate?

By: Ben Ward, Flood Network The Oxford Flood Network is our demonstration network which uses the power of crowdsourcing to collect flood information at a much higher resolution than was previously economical.  Spot the flood sensor This kind of information is useful to local authorities who have to deploy demountable flood barriers, sandbags and staff … Continue reading “How does the Flood Network operate?”

Crowdsourced data: Smart Objects and the Power of the Crowd

By: Adrian Segens, RedBite Solutions According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) “crowdsourced” is a relatively new word, its first recorded use being as recent as 2005. So, it is ironic that the compilation of the OED is itself one of the most impressive crowdsourcing projects in history. In 1857, the British Philological Society appealed … Continue reading “Crowdsourced data: Smart Objects and the Power of the Crowd”