Oxford named among most innovative cities in Europe

By: University of Oxford Oxford has today been recognised as one the most innovative cities in Europe.  At a ceremony hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Oxford took its place alongside major cities including Paris and Berlin in the finals of the European Capital of Innovation awards 2016. Oxford was the smallest city represented, … Continue reading “Oxford named among most innovative cities in Europe”

Predicting and managing energy use in a low-carbon future

By: Dyrol Lumbard, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford If effectively harnessed, increased uptake of renewable generation, and the electrification of heating and transport, will form the bedrock of a low carbon future. Unfortunately, these technologies may have undesirable consequences for the electricity networks supplying our homes and businesses. The possible plethora of low carbon technologies, like … Continue reading “Predicting and managing energy use in a low-carbon future”

A guerilla sensor network for Oxford

By: Ben Ward, TTN Oxford We are on a mission to build a global open crowdsourced Internet of Things data network. We want to promote the idea of an open sensor network, whilst understanding how to make a sustainable model. This may be a hybrid of commercial and open, or a community fund model. For … Continue reading “A guerilla sensor network for Oxford”