Nominet to provide secure data exchange for autonomous vehicles

By: Nominet Nominet is part of a three-year project exploring the infrastructure required to support the widespread use of autonomous vehicles. The project, DRIVEN, is one of the first trials of ‘Level 4’ autonomous vehicles in the UK, where the driver does not need to watch the road or hold the steering wheel.  The trial … Continue reading “Nominet to provide secure data exchange for autonomous vehicles”

Can we trust our cars to drive us?

By: Russell Haworth CEO, Nominet In the excitement of approaching the era of autonomous cars, we shouldn’t overlook the challenges that our human instinct will face as we accept and (hopefully) embrace one of the most transformative technological developments of our time. A car that drives itself sounds exciting and liberating, and yet are we … Continue reading “Can we trust our cars to drive us?”

Developing high-tech parking solutions in Oxford

By: Oxfordshire County Council A new project has been announced that will see a high-tech approach to solving the problem of finding a Blue Badge parking space in Oxford and Witney. The project is the result of a successful Oxfordshire County Council bid for almost £240,000 of government and will use big data and smart … Continue reading “Developing high-tech parking solutions in Oxford”

Oxford Robotics Institute’s city mapping tech could transform council services

By: Oxford City Council A new street mapping project could one day transform how Oxford City Council manages its services across the city. Video: mapping Cornmarket, Oxford [playback: 2 x actual speed] The project being trialled over the next few months by Oxford City Council and the University of Oxford’s Robotics Institute (ORI) will see … Continue reading “Oxford Robotics Institute’s city mapping tech could transform council services”

A UK testbed for driverless vehicles

By: Smart Oxford An Oxfordshire-based consortium is conducting a study to test the feasibility of the Culham Science Centre, just south of Oxford, as a UK test location for driverless vehicles. PAVE (People in Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Environments) has received funding for the study from the Government, via the Centre for Connected and Autonomous … Continue reading “A UK testbed for driverless vehicles”