Oxford submits 9m bid to encourage the use of electric vehicles

By: Oxford City Council

We have submitted a £9m bid to the Government to encourage more people to use electric vehicles.

If the bid is successful, we will use the money to give people financial incentives to use electric vehicles and install more charging points across the city.

We will also trial in the city the use of new smart lamp posts, which have been designed by BMW and contain electric vehicle charging points.

We have put together the bid, which was submitted on 1 October, with Oxfordshire County Council and will find out if we are successful later this year.

Although air quality is improving – nitrogen dioxide levels have reduce by 30 per cent since 2011 – the targets for air quality are still not being met in Oxford.

That is why at Oxford City Council we are doing all we can to help.

Last year we helped introduce a Low Emission Zone in the city centre requiring local bus providers to operate low emission vehicles; we have reduced the emissions of our own fleet of vehicles, using e-cars where we can; and have made £250,000 worth of improvements to the cycling network.

But ultimately the quality of our air is everyone’s responsibility. You can help make a difference by using public transport, car sharing, cycling or walking more frequently.

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This article first appeared on Oxford City Council’s facebook page, on October 8th 2015.