Oxford Workshop: Data Science for Local Government

By: Oxford Internet Institute

27th September 2016

A joint workshop between Oxford City Council, the Oxford Internet Institute and the Open Data Institute


Convenors: Jonathan Bright (OII), Mark Fransham (OCC) and Richard Norris (ODI)
Date: 27th of September 2016
Venue: Oxford Town Hall, Long Room

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Download the programme, directions and list of attendees here: DSLG Delegate Pack.pdf


The creative use of large scale data sources (such as social media, mobile phone data and existing administrative records) offers great potential to local government in terms of understanding and forecasting of urban problems, allocation of scarce resources, innovative policy solutions and efficiency savings. Such methods, which are now often referred to under the heading of “data science”, are already widely deployed within the business sector (to tackle issues such as fraud detection or market segmentation). However their adoption within government remains limited. Barriers in terms of technology, skills and access to data exist; there is also a lack of appreciation of exactly what can be done with this type of data, with a need to exchange ideas, proofs of concept, and best practices.

This day long workshop aims to help stimulate the introduction of data science into local government, through a series of talks from local government practitioners, academics and industry leaders working in the area of data science.


Registration, coffee
Jonathan Bright, Mark Fransham and Richard Norris
Helen Margetts
(Oxford Internet Institute)
Data Science for Government
Coffee break
Panel 1: The Data Science Landscape.

Richard Norris

Tom Symons
The Local Datavores: how councils are using data to make services more efficient, effective and personalised
Nigel Swier
(Office for National Statistics)
Twitter as a novel source of mobility indicators
Tom Smith
Creating a £billion open dataset from administrative data: Data science and the Indices of Deprivation
Panel 2: Open and Social Data Applications.

Mark Fransham

Lucy Knight (Datahatch)
Devon’s Open Data Programme
Yvonne Dittrich
(IT University Copenhagen)
Bringing Big and Open Data into Flexible Decision Processes
James Smith
(Open Data Institute)
Data Infrastructure for Local Government
Coffee break
Panel 3: Business Data for Local Government.

Jonathan Bright

Brian Riordan (Strava)
Strava Metro
Vania Sena (Business and Local Government Data Centre)
Big Data and Local Government: an oxymoron or a marriage made in heaven?
Michael Weedon
(Local Data Company)

Pounding the Streets: Understanding Local People Flow with Street Footfall Sensors


The event is part of the UrbanData2Decide project, which is co-funded under the Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe.