Digital Working Groups – Call for interest

Smart Oxford, in affiliation with Digital Oxford and the Digital Catapult, is making an open invitation for membership of Oxford-based Interest Groups in the following areas:

      • Smart City Technologies

        This group will work with the Technology Working Group of the Smart Oxford initiative, to help provide ideas, input, and expertise to the Smart Oxford programme.

        This is a cross-cutting group that will underpin a number of domain-specific Working Groups defining real-life problem statements in the city.  Once these problem statements are published, the Technology Working Group will help identify technology solutions that tackle these challenges. In the meantime, the initial focus is on identifying existing data and data systems within the city and identifying core architectures and technologies that may be used to support a Smart Oxford.

        Group structure will be informal and is initially expected to take the form of local meetups, with the opportunity over time for members to participate and collaborate in an advisory capacity to the Smart Oxford programme on an as-needed basis.

      • Personal Data, Privacy and Trust

        This network aims to bring together individuals, groups and businesses in Oxford and surrounding areas with an interest in working with, or as, information owners and technologists, to explore the issues and opportunities to work with personal, proprietary and confidential data without compromising the privacy, security and control individuals have around their data. This will be a sub-group of the Digital Catapult’s and related partners Personal Data & Trust Network. Membership to the network is free of charge via

      • Data Catalyser

        This group is for organisations, groups and individuals who are interested in working with the Digital Catapult’s newly-announced Data Catalyser, a suite of services enabling organisations to create value from sharing and mixing closed datasets.

        Participants maybe based locally, or could be a national or international organisation with a local presence. The Data Catalyser, a suite of services, will create an ecosystem that brings together data providers and data experts. The platform provides the ability to unlock opportunities for new products, services, tools, insights and innovations. Membership to the network is free of charge via

The call for interest in Smart City technologies is now closed

You can register your interest in the Oxford group for Digital Catapult’s Personal Data and Trust Network here and in the Data Catalyser here.