Low Carbon Oxford

Launched in 2010, Low Carbon Oxford (LCO) is a pioneering city-wide programme of collaboration between private, public and non-profit organisations with the aim of ensuring Oxford’s future as a sustainable and low carbon city.

Oxford City Council took the lead on setting up and funding the Low Carbon Oxford initiative in order to make progress towards the Council’s ambitious city-wide carbon reduction target of 40% by 2020 (based on 2005-06 baseline). Barbara Hammond of the Low Carbon Hub is the Director of LCO, and the day to day
running of the LCO network is led by the Hub.

Visit the Low Carbon Oxford website for more information on the programme.

The objectives of the Low Carbon Oxford programme are:

  • to deliver pathfinder carbon emissions of 3% year on year,
  • to achieve 40% carbon reduction by 2020 and 80% by 2050,
  • to create more ‘green jobs’ and a sustainable economy,
  • for Oxford to become an exemplar low carbon city for the UK.

These common goals can only be achieved by working together and drawing on the strengths of different sector organisations.

The Low Carbon Oxford programme was launched on 14 October 2010 when 15 Pathfinder organisations signed the Low Carbon Oxford Charter which can be downloaded below:

PDF icon Low Carbon Oxford Charter (950kB PDF)


PDF icon Low Carbon Oxford Building Momentum Report