New research: low-energy urban mobility in Oxford

By: agile-ox, University of Oxford


Interested in the transition to low carbon transport in Oxford, and curious to know how local innovations compare to those in Brighton?

Dr Tim Schwanen , the incoming director of the Transport Studies Unit, has conducted a case study examining the nature of low-energy innovation in the everyday mobility of people in two UK cities with favourable conditions for a transition away from fossil fuels (Oxford & Brighton).

The resulting paper, The Bumpy Road toward Low-Energy Urban Mobility: Case Studies from Two UK Cities’, published in Sustainability in June 2015, outlines the innovation and progress in both cities and explores the differences between the two locations. In Brighton, innovations relate more to commercial car sharing; cycling oriented retrofitting of road infrastructure; and travel planning; in Oxford, there has been greater activity around electric mobility, “partly because of greater air quality issues and more concerted action from local government”.

Dr Schwanen concludes that, whilst things are happening, there is “still a long way to go toward urban mobility that is genuinely environmentally sustainable”, with (at least for commuting) private car use (in internal combustion vehicles) remaining “by far the most important form of transport in both cities”.

Get involved: get hacking

So there is work to be here, folks! And here’s an opportunity to get involved, coming up in November: ‘Hackathon: Let’s make cycling in Oxford great!’, November 6-7 2015. Following on from the success of June’s ‘Can you see the future of cycling in Oxford’ event, Oxford’s Environmental Sustainability Team and agile-ox are coming together again to bring you a full cycle hackathon. Find out more about the event.

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You can download the full paper here.

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 image: Family Ride, Kamyar Adl, Creative Commons 2.0

This article first appeared on the website of agile-ox in July 2015.