OXSIGHT smart specs prepare for commercial release

Smart Specs

Bethan from the UK and Manuel from Germany were the latest people to receive a demonstration of the OXSIGHT Prism smart glasses. The Oxford based team, including customer care lead Rob Evans and consultant optometrist Daniel Crown demonstrated the glasses as part of the company’s programme, to work with and listen to feedback from the sight impaired community.

OXSIGHT is also working closely with blind community groups, including Retina UK and the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB). The glasses are available directly from OXSIGHT as part of this early launch phase. Enquiries should be directed to care@oxsight.co.uk

Fitted with a camera streaming a live feed into two HD video displays, placed in front of your area of useable vision, OXSIGHT Crystal glasses enhance the remaining sight for individuals with a visual impairment, potentially increasing the field of view to 68 degrees horizontally. Features include:

  • The lightest low vision smart glasses
  • Improved social interaction through eye contact
  • One-touch turns the displays clear
  • Unrestricted peripheral awareness
  • State-of-the-art digital display
  • Customise your look with the removable shade

This article first appeared on the OXSIGHT website on 4 June 2018.